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At The Dermatology Specialists, we value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • Dr. Geller & Staff,

    I don’t like going to the Dr. for any reason.  My visit to your office was very enjoyable.  Thank you for making me feel very comfortable for all three of my visits.  Below is my brief testimonial.

    I live in the Philadelphia area.  Over the years I have been to three dermatologists.  Not really satisfied, I decided to go to my wife’s dermatologist of five to ten years, who she always had the highest praises for.  Now I see why. I went to see him for an annual check.  Walking into his office, his staff was friendly and acknowledged me right away.  Dr. Geller was very thorough.  I have a family history, my dad had Squamous Cell Carcinoma and a Melanoma.  I had a small area that bothered me just a little, Dr. Geller said he would take it off because of my dad’s history.  He tells you the office will call of a specific day with the biopsy report, and they do!  It did turn out to be pre-cancerous, so I had to go back for a re-treatment and he took care of it.  The previous Dr. said it was nothing to worry about. While in the exam room he is efficient, but not rushing or brushing you off.  He answers any questions in terms you can understand.  His bed side manner gets an A, very pleasant.

    Thank you again for a pleasant visit.

    - Mary
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Geller for 20 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Well satisfied with everything!

    - Jacques L., E. Stroudsburg, PA
  • All of the staff were extremely nice, and all of the procedures were painless! The entire practice was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. My overall visit was very satisfactory!

    - R.S.
  • The Dr., PA., and assistants are the best. Every time I have an appointment it doesn’t take too much time for the staff to get me signed in and for the P.A. to arrive. Thank you to all of the staff. The entire staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The wait time was very satisfactory as well as the overall visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Geller’s practice to my family and friends.

    - J.M.
  • The entire office from appointment through my minor surgery went flawlessly! I come from a family of physicians and can say my experience could not have been any better. Dr. Geller and his staff are first class professionals!

    - James B., Long Valley, NJ
  • I’ve tried the rest, now I go to the best!

    - Harold S., Hackettstown, NJ
  • I’ve been a patient at Dr. Geller’s office for years. They are AWESOME!

    - Maria, Pocono, PA
  • Super staff, kind, knowledgeable, quick and professional!

    - Ken C., Hackettstown, NJ
  • This physician is very professional, he is a gem! Dr. Geller is very thorough and caring. The entire staff is wonderful.

    - Robin B., Phillipsburg, NJ
  • Besides Dr. Geller’s ability, the thing that most impressed me was, he listens. Whether it be your questions, or just general conversation. If the conversation is interrupted, he picks it up where it was. He really listens to you!

    - Ronald R., Denville, NJ
  • I can say without question Dr. Geller is one of the top doctors in his field. The best testimony I have is from one of the patients I had recommended to his office. He had previously seen two other doctors for second opinions. I discussed with my friend Bill and he still believed there could be a problem. I told him to go see my dermatologist, Dr. Geller. End result: Dr. Geller detected a melanoma that was missed by two other dermatologists. I have recommended Dr. Geller’s office to at least ten people and continue to recommend. Dr. Geller is the best!!!

    - Walter W., Greenpond, NJ
  • Great Doctor and efficient, friendly staff!!!!

    - Tom F., Mendham, NJ
  • Dr. Geller and staff are so awesome! My entire family are patients and we feel so thankful for our wonderful care. I love that you opened a new office in Hackettstown too! Dr. Geller has always been so thorough, welcoming and gentle. Thanks for being a great doctor!

    - Renee C., Hackettstown, NJ
  • Love it, quick, painless and thorough!!

    - Al, W. Flanders, NJ
  • Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable! If there was a ten rating I’d circle it!

    - Karen M., Great Meadows, NJ
  • Dear Dr. Geller, It is so rare that we come across a fellow human being that is concerned about another person. Thank you for your concern and best wishes for health and happiness!!!

    - Jim K., Metuchen, NJ
  • You guys are the best! I drive an hour to get here….I’d drive two hours!

    - Justine F., Manville, NJ
  • The experience at Dr. Geller’s office is always a pleasant one! The staff and doctors are so helpful, compassionate and extremely professional!

    - Chrisanne M., Long Valley, NJ
  • From front desk, to exam, bandages for me, to checkout and follow-up-all professional and kind! Sincerely,

    - L.L., Morristown, NJ
  • Dear Dr. Geller, I recently visited your office for the first time, and I would just like to say that I had a very pleasant experience. All of the receptionists and nurses were friendly and helpful. Thank you for outstanding service. Sincerely,

    - Nicole D., Pittsburgh, PA
  • My provider was extremely knowledgeable. I said I didn’t have rosacea, but I do! Give them a raise!

    - Patti B., Chester, NJ
  • I would like to say that Dr. Geller has taken many moles off of me, my husband and my daughter. The majority of these moles have been dysplastic or pre-cancerous. Even if only one came back as pre-cancerous or cancerous, I would be grateful that my life had been spared by his judgment in what to remove. I can say the same for my husband. Most recently one was removed from him (that the majority of doctors would have left alone and not recognized as dangerous) that was on the verge of being a very aggressive type of cancer. I have had many moles removed by Dr. Geller, but each time I look at them, I am grateful knowing that there is a little bit less of a chance of me dying from skin cancer. When caught early, skin cancer is one of the most curable cancers, however, when it is in its end stages it is one of the most deadly and least curable. The nurses and staff are excellent, and it never ceases to amaze our family how quickly our moles are removed with minimal pain and discomfort. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Geller to my friends and family. I hope that this testimonial can save just one life for those wishing to seek a medical opinion or to have their questionable moles removed.

    - Patricia K., Glen Gardner, NJ
  • Dr. Geller is my favorite Dermatologist. The best there is!

    - Paul P., Hackettstown, NJ
  • Dr. Geller and Staff: Your office is professional and caring. We have been patients for the last 4 years. Office hours are very convenient for working people. Our annual check-ups have been very thorough; Dr. Geller and his staff truly work as a team.” Sincerely,

    - Lorraine and Mike M., Somerset, NJ
  • I am impressed with the personal and attentive service of your office staff. I felt that all of my questions were answered and my concerns were alleviated. It is evident that your staff has a doctor/boss who values staff morale and professionalism.

    - Danielle H., White Township, NJ
  • In my two years as a patient of Dr. Geller, I have found him to be extremely competent and professional. Since Dr. Geller is both a board certified dermatologist and a board certified dermatopathogist, he is extremely qualified to both diagnose and treat dermatological problems. The office is first rate. They combine a pleasant manner with a caring and efficient atmosphere. Thanks for the fine care.

    - T. L., D.M.D, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • Dr. Jay is a most impressive dermatologist. I was particularly impressed by his warmth and thoroughness in diagnosis.

    - W. Carl B., Emeritus, Califon, NJ
  • I am so happy my husband went to Dr. Geller. God bless him- he did a great job!

    - S.A.K., Long Valley, NJ
  • Dr. Geller and his staff are the best, they have treated me for many years, excellent results.

    - Sophie and Richard A., Blairstown, NJ
  • Everyone I have ever spoken to says I have the world’s greatest dermatologist. They all say Dr. Geller. I have been going to him since 1996. He is the only recommended dermatologist I have ever heard of in the tri-state area!

    - Gina V., Ledgewood, NJ
  • Great Job!

    - Janet C., Washington, NJ
  • I have been a patient for many years and am always greeted and taken very good care of. All my issues are taken care of and nothing is overlooked.

    - Robin B., Phillipsburg, NJ
  • The highest quality care ever received from any dermatologist. Dr. Geller is the best. I tell everyone that I see to go to him.

    - Stanley A., Phillipsburg, NJ
  • My husband’s doctor referred him to Dr. Geller for removal of a mole on his back. It was a melanoma. Fortunately, it was removed early and my husband is fine. My husband then suggested I go to Dr. Geller for a check-up as I have a large number of moles. During my visits to Dr. Geller, three melanomas have been diagnosed and removed early. They were just dots on my skin and I would never have sought treatment for them or considered them suspicious. My husband, Arthur and I are very grateful to Dr. Geller. He is wonderful and concerned about his patients. We both continue to go to Dr. Geller for scheduled check-ups. We are happy that these visits will prevent any future melanomas from becoming a problem.

    - Kathleen L., Hackettstown, NJ
  • Dr. Geller’s proactive & preventative approach when it comes to skincare management and cancer screening is what makes me a highly satisfied patient of his. I have a history of skin cancer, so it is imperative that I am in the hands of the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the field. Dr. Geller and his staff have proven time and time again that they are the best!

    - Courtney L., Flemington, NJ
  • Fantastic, very efficient, and friendly.

    - MR, Mendham, NJ
  • To whom it may concern: It gives us great satisfaction to recommend Jay D. Geller, M.D. and his staff. My husband and I have known Dr. Geller since 1996 when Bob became his patient and I soon followed. We have always had the up most confidence in his knowledge and skill as a physician. He has always treated our concerns, no matter how trivial they are, with respect and will take the time to explain exactly what the problem is. The office will call with the diagnosis by the next day eliminating worry. That is such a perk to a worrier like me! Dr. Geller’s office is efficient and professional. His staff are well-qualified professionals who have the time to speak with a patient, which makes you feel relaxed and cared about. We have enough confidence in Dr. Geller to have recommended him to our, mother, daughter, son-in-law, sister and friends. They feel the same way we do, it is wonderful to find a caring, qualified physician.”

    - Robert and Mary B., Flanders, NJ
  • Very nice staff (medical and office). Provided good advice.

    - Christopher L., Chester, NJ
  • This entire office is an example of how every medical practice should be run. Everyone is knowledgeable, warm, and professional. As someone who has been to many medical offices, and specialists, this practice is a true “standout” in our healthcare system.

    - Jennifer C., Hampton, NJ
  • Considering my family history, I appreciate the aggressive approach to make sure I have no recurrences or further issues. Great office staff, efficient and empathetic to my needs considering all I have been through. Dr. Geller is an amazing doc. Highly recommend to anyone.

    - Bridget H., Randolph, NJ
  • The best ‘Doctor experience’ I ever had. You guys are amazing.

    - Donna S., Whitehouse, NJ
  • I have been to two other Dermatologists in Morris County and have never been treated as wonderfully as Dr. Geller. I have never had an exam as thorough as this. All your staff were just wonderful. I have finally stopped searching. I just wish I had found you sooner.

    - Lorraine C., Mendham, NJ
  • I felt so well cared for and extremely grateful for Dr. Geller’s compassion and professionalism.

    - Janet A., Denville, NJ
  • Dear Dr. Geller, We wish to thank you and your staff for the friendly and very professional treatment we received on our last visit. Carl’s surgery healed perfectly and the stitchery was a work of art. Your sterile technique is obviously flawless; in the many years you have treated us, there has never been any sign of infection and we have had minimal evidence of surgery. We have complete confidence in you and your staff and will make our yearly journey to your practice as long as possible. Sincerely yours in friendship,

    - Marty and Carl R., Bluffton, SC
  • You’re the most thorough doctor I’ve ever met. Everything has been great. I’ve been coming to you for years. I love you guys.

    - Bob C., Long Valley, NJ
  • I have been to many Dermatologists in my 61 years, and this office is so efficient and personable. It is the world’s best Dermatology office, and the only place to go! I felt very cared for! They are the BEST. Wholeheartedly trust them as professionals.

    - Carol Ann B., Chester, NJ
  • My experience was beyond what I had hoped for. Professional, informative and caring service from start to finish.

    - Robert M., Flanders, NJ
  • I have recommended Dr. Geller for more than 15 years. He’s the best in New Jersey! My whole family has been coming to him. 

    - Lorraine L., Blairstown, NJ
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Geller for 20 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Well satisfied with everything! 

    - Jacques L., E. Stroudsburg, PA
  • I always receive excellent care! Dr. Geller makes it all very easy and painless. I would definitely recommend his practice to my family and friends!

    - Roy E.

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