Warts are common lesions caused by a virus. In fact, the term verruca vulgaris means “common wart.” Once a patient is infected with the virus, warts may continue to occur over a lifetime. While warts are not malignant (although certain types such as genital warts can cause cancerous lesions to develop), they are contagious and need to be treated. Treatment options include a topical blistering agent or liquid nitrogen; both of which may result in blistering within 24 hours of treatment. Simple removal may be performed as well. The larger a wart is, the more likely a patient will require multiple treatments which can be done as frequently as every 2 weeks. A patient may elect to have a wart surgically removed, particularly when other treatments have failed. This is a simple procedure and can be performed during your visit. Because warts are viruses, they can recur no matter what the treatment but we will do whatever possible to remove them in the most effective and hopefully permanent manner. For more information, please visit: www.aad.org


Office Update

Masks are still mandatory in New Jersey for medical offices per CDC guidelines. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

- The Dermatology Specialists