Latisse  in NJ: Beautiful, Fuller Eyelashes Naturally

Envious of fuller, thicker lashes that stand out in a crowd? Latisse in NJ is booming because:

  • Your eyes look bigger
  • Your lashes are extended
  • Your lashes are fuller

And you’re not alone if you have thinning lashes. Aging causes eye lashes to thin, and some people even suffer from inadequate lashes or abnormal thinning called hypotrichosis.

Sure, you can choose to apply fake lashes, but the results are only temporary and they look unnatural.

Latisse allows for long-lasting results that look natural.

Latisse in NJ: Perfect Lashes Every Time

Perfect eyelashes are no longer a dream. Latisse provides the full lashes you need to draw attention to your eyes. Easy to use, this is the only FDA-approved treatment that has been clinically proven to grow your eyelashes.

Patients in our Chester office use this prescription-only topical cream with results in one to two months on average.

Overall eyelash growth and fullness increases – no glued-on fake eyelashes required.

Latisse is formulated to work with the body’s natural hair cycle. Applied over a long period of time, Latisse will affect all eyelash growth cycles to promote further eyelash growth and continual growth, which leads to longer lashes.

New eyelash growth is promoted, too, so that your eyelashes are fuller.

Using Latisse

No pain, no needles, and no harsh side effects. Latisse is the safest way to enjoy fuller eyelashes, and it couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is:

  • Apply to the upper lashes before bed

That’s it! Patients are advised to use the sterile applicator, which is included. This is similar to the way that women apply mascara to their eyes. Caution when applying is needed as to not get the solution in the eyes.

Studies show that this solution will not harm the eyes, but it’s best to remain cautious.

Applying at the same time every night is recommended. Mascara can be worn when Latisse is applied to allow for makeup to be applied when going out. Mascara will provide a more dramatic look and will amplify the fullness provided from Latisse’s eyelash growing power.

Contact lenses will need to be removed before application and not be reinserted for a period of 15 minutes for best results. Excess solution should be blotted with a tissue, and application of the lower eyelid is not recommended.

Allowing the applicator or tip of the bottle to touch your fingers can result in contamination. Bacteria, even from surfaces, that comes in contact with the solution or the applicator can result in infections.

Typical Latisse Results Seen in Our Chester NJ Office

Latisse has been approved by the FDA, so it’s underwent clinical trials and advanced testing to ensure that users will see results. When patients come into our Latisse office in NJ, they will experience the following:

  • Significant improvement in 2 months
  • Optimal results in 16 weeks (for some users)

Results can start to be experienced within the first month of treatment. Patients that fall asleep without applying Latisse or go out for a night on the town and forget their application should not double up on their treatment the next day.

Our office recommends only applying Latisse once per day. Multiple applications will not boost the results of Latisse.

Results are not permanent. If you stop applying Latisse, you can expect your lashes to begin to thin out over a period of weeks to months. The thinning will restore your lashes to their normal fullness level – not lessen the lashes prior to treatment.

Potential Latisse Side Effects

Clinical studies have been done on Latisse that demonstrate the product’s safe usage in most cases. Patients that we see in our office complain about two side effects:

  • Itchy eye or eyelashes
  • Red eyes

And the company’s clinical studies indicate that just 4% of users experience these side effects. Patients that do have these side effects are advised to stop usage if the side effects persist or worsen.

Discontinued use of Latisse will result in the alleviation of symptoms.

There are no long-term side effects noted with Latisse – just long, beautiful eyelashes.

Are You a Candidate for Latisse?

Potential patients that are suffering from  thinning eyelashes or want to have fuller eyelashes are advised to call our office to discuss if Latisse is the right choice for their needs. We have patients – just like you – in our office every month telling us how Latisse has helped them achieve fuller eyelashes.

And these patients look beautiful, too.

Latisse provides a beautiful, natural look that enhances your beauty and the appearance of your eyes.

Our Chester office offers Latisse treatments in New Jersey to meet our clients’ needs. Our doctors will provide you with a consultation to discuss the best way to achieve thicker, fuller eyelashes.

We will determine if you’re an ideal candidate for Latisse before providing a prescription for at-home application.

Call us today at our Chester office at 908-879-8800 to discuss your Latisse treatment options.

Office Update

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- The Dermatology Specialists