Located at 310 State Route 24 East in Chester, New Jersey, Dr. Geller and his team of medical professionals have provided personalized and compassionate dermatologic care to northwest New Jersey since 1992.  The team of receptionists, nurses, medical assistants, and physician assistants is warm, friendly, professional, and highly trained, and is dedicated to making you feel at home the moment you enter the office.  We do our best to keep waiting and worry to a minimum by personally answering all calls, returning all messages quickly, performing any necessary procedures as soon as possible, even – in the vast majority of instances – at one’s initial visit, and calling patients with all test results as soon as we obtain them.  In fact, due to our on-site state-of-the-art histopathology laboratory and Dr. Geller’s specialized training in Dermatopathology, we call the vast majority of patients, depending on insurance, only one to two days after a visit with biopsy results.  For most patients, if we perform a biopsy during the morning, we’ll call the following afternoon with results.  No other dermatology office in New Jersey obtains biopsy results quicker.

Treating patients of all ages for dermatology in Chester, NJ.

We take pride in treating multiple generations of numerous families from infants and children to parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

As a leading Dermatologist in New Jersey, Dr. Geller brings the expertise to his patients that he received at several of the top schools and medical centers in the nation including Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Medical School, New York University, and the Mayo Clinic.  As a dual Board Certified Dermatologist and Board Certified Dermatopathologist, and the only Board Certified Dermatopathologist in Northwest New Jersey since 1993, Dr. Geller is a leading provider of skin cancer treatment, diagnosis, and prevention in New Jersey and specializes in malignant melanoma, atypical moles, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, precancerous keratoses, lesions of all types, skin pathology, and mycosis fungoides (cutaneous T cell lymphoma).  Dr. Geller and his team also specialize in myriad other lesions and conditions from lipomas, cysts, acne, skin rashes, and warts to psoriasis, PUVA therapy, rosacea, nail fungus, molluscum contagiousum,  pediatric dermatology, and numerous other skin conditions.

Dr. Geller is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society of Dermatopathology, and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.  He is a Dermatologist at Hackettstown Regional Medical Center and Somerset Medical Center.  For more on Dr. Geller, please see Dr. Geller’s Credentials.

Thousands of area residents have entrusted Dr. Geller and his team of dedicated medical professionals with their dermatology needs since 1992.  If you are looking for a warm, friendly, and compassionate office with state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment capabilities and the only dual Board Certified Dermatologist and Board Certified Dermatopathologist in Northwest New Jersey since 1993, please call Jay D. Geller, MD, PC, Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, for an appointment today at 908-879-8800.  We look forward to welcoming you to our office.

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Office Update

Masks are still mandatory in New Jersey for medical offices per CDC guidelines. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

- The Dermatology Specialists